PNP Games Super Smash Bros. Tournament!

It’s tournament time once again at our McLeod location! Grab a buddy and head on down to PNP Games on June 25th for some Super Smash Bros. action on the Nintendo 64!

Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64)
Saturday, June 25th
Location: PNP Games @ 915 McLeod Ave.
Time: 1:00pm start (Sign-up begins at 12:00pm)
Cost: $5.00 entrance fee

Tournament Setup:

  • 2v2 Player Matches
  • Each player will begin the match with 3 Stock
  • Teams earn 1 point per stock remaining at the end of the match
  • Teams will also earn 1 extra point if both players are still alive
  • Rounds 1 through 4 will be spent gaining points
  • Teams will be reseated every round based on their point totals
  • Top 4 teams move on to Round 5 and play a single elimination match
  • Top 2 teams then play each other in the 6th and Final Round

Stage Selection:

  • Round 1: Saffron City
  • Round 2: Sector Z
  • Round 3: Dream Land
  • Round 4: Hyrule Castle
  • Round 5: Congo Jungle
  • Round 6: Mushroom Kingdom (Can only be switched by unanimous vote of both teams)


  • Each member of the first place team will receive $30 PNP store credit.
  • Each member of the second place team will receive $15 PNP store credit.

**If you show up alone you will be partnered with another combatant at random.**

If you have any questions about the upcoming tournament, feel free to toss a comment or contact either store for more information.

Thinking of attending? RSVP on Facebook right now!