A Note Regarding Preorders

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If you currently have a preorder for an upcoming new release at our retail stores through the end of April… sit tight!

A representative will be contacting you this week to let you know your options for either direct shipping or cancelling your preorder!
This includes titles like Persona 5 Royal, Resident Evil 3, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Trials of Mana!

If you DO NOT have an existing order and would like to preorder a copy from our webstore, links will be provided after we deal with existing orders first.

Thank you for your patience at this time, and we’ll speak to you real soon!

2 Responses to A Note Regarding Preorders

  1. Derek Rowe says:

    Hi,I have preordered the Resident Evil 3 Remake,just informing you guys that I would like to cancel that preorder, also I would like to cancel my preorder for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake as well and just have the money down I had for both games just to go towards my account with you guys. Thanks for everything.

    Could you please get back to me.

  2. PNP Games says:

    Hi, Derek!
    Yes, by default your credit is now stored under your account.
    If you have any questions hit us up on any of our social media accounts!
    -PNP Games

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