PNP Games Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament

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We’ll be throwing down in a fan favourite game that HAS NOT been featured in a PNP Games Tournament before.

For hints and clues as to what stages we’ll be playing follow us on twitter @PNPGames.

The Tournament will be broken into two portions:
-Entrants will begin with a 4 match round robin gathering points based on their performance. Every team is guaranteed 4 rounds. These beginner rounds will be played with items activated on potentially hazardous stages.
-The top 8 teams (with the most points from the Round Robin) will move onto the final rounds where the rules will become much stricter. Rounds 5 through 7 are single elimination format, lose once and you’re out. These later rounds will be played without items on neutral stages.

Round Robin Rules:
-Matches will be played 2 vs. 2, 3 stock
-All characters permitted, character swapping between rounds is fine
-Partners may choose the same character
-1 point per remaining stock at the end of a match
-1 BONUS point for having both team members alive at the end of the match (Therefore a max of 7 points are up for grabs to the winning team each round)
-Rounds 1 through 4 will be spent gathering points
-Top 8 teams meet in 5th round
-Round 6 will be the final round with the two winning teams from round 5
-Stages will be predetermined and may contain hazards
-All items will be on, with medium frequency
-Friendly Fire is set to “OFF”
-Partners may choose the same characters

Single Elimination Final Rounds:
-Matches will be played 2 vs. 2, 4 stock
-Best of 3 rounds
-All characters permitted, character swapping between rounds is fine
-Partners may choose the same character
-Rounds 5 through 7 are single elimination, lose once and you’re out
-Stages will be predetermined but will be “neutral”
-All items are off
-Friendly Fire is set to “ON”

Round Robin
Round 1: Pokemon Stadium
Round 2: Fourside
Round 3: Mushroom Kingdom I
Round 4: Hyrule Temple
Round 5: Dream Land (N64)
Round 6: Final Destination
Round 7: Battlefield

-Will be provided, but it’s strongly suggested you bring your own.
-Personal controllers may be tested to determine tournament legality.

Entry fee per combatant $10 ($5 for XP Members)

-To Be Announced!