PNP Games Mario Kart Double Dash Tournament

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Mario Kart Double Dash Tournament PNP Games 915 McLeod.

Entry Fee: $10 per player ($5 for XP Members)

The tournament will be played 2 v 2 v 2 v2, with 2 teams per television and GameCube.
As we are using a LAN set-up characters and karts CANNOT be selected and will be randomized each round.
(Based on turnout we may make this a 1 v 1 v 1 v 1 tournament to keep scoring fair)

All races will be played on 150cc.
Controllers will be provided.

Round Robin:
-Players will gain points based on their performance in each race.
-1st place earns 10 points
-2nd place earns 6 points
-3rd place earns 3 points
-4th place earns 1 point
-Players are guaranteed to play 4 rounds consisting of 2 races a piece, with a 5th and 6th round consisting of a single race a piece.
-The top 4 teams (or players) will move on to Round 5, with the top 2 teams then moving on to the 6th and final round.

Round 1: Luigi Circuit / Baby Park
Round 2: Mushroom Bridge / Daisy Cruiser
Round 3: Waluigi Stadium / Mushroom City
Round 4: DK Jungle / Wario Colosseum
Round 5 (Semi-Finals): Bowser’s Castle
Round 6 (Finals): Rainbow Road

Co-Op Mode Controls:
A button – Double Dash!!/Use item/Stop Item Roulette
B button/X button/Y button – Use item
L button/R button – Slide-Attack
Z button – Switch characters (Press and hold)

-Based on turnout
-Prize will be in store credit
-Minimum $30 a piece for 1st, $15 a piece for second