PNP Games Mortal Kombat Tournament

It’s tournament time at PNP Games once again! In this event, it’s all about throwing down and defending Earthrealm in 2 vs. 2 tag team matches! Grab a buddy and memorize those Fatalities, it’s Mortal Kombat!

Mortal Kombat (PlayStation 3 version)
Saturday, May 28th
Location: PNP Games @ 2609 Portage Ave.
Time: 1:00pm start (Sign-up begins at 12:00pm)
Cost: $5.00 entrance fee

Tournament Setup:

  • 2v2 Player Matches
  • Best 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, 99 Seconds
  • Winning team must keep the same characters, losing team may switch.
  • Round Robin System (Everyone is guaranteed to play 4 rounds)
  • Rounds 1 through 4 will be spent gaining points.
  • Your team gains 2 points for winning a round.
  • Preforming a finishing move such as a Fatality, Stage Fatality, or Babality grants the winning team an additional point per game if preformed correctly. Only the team who wins the round is allotted their fatality points.
  • You MAY NOT check the move list during “Finish Him/Her”, this will forfeit your extra point. (You obviously MAY NOT have it written on your person either, they must be preformed from memory)
  • Teams will be reseated every round based on their point totals.
  • Top 4 teams move on to Round 5 and play a single elimination match.
  • Top 2 teams then play each other in the 6th and Final Round.
  • All characters are allowed including unlockables and DLC. (subject to change)

Level Selection:

  • Stage Select is Random or Player Choice, if players cannot agree on a stage for longer than 15 seconds it defaults to random.

Controller Type:

  • Bring your own sticks and pads, we will only supply a standard DualShock 3 for use.
  • Your personal controller may be subject to inspection before the tournament.


  • Each member of the first place team will receive $30 PNP store credit.
  • Each member of the second place team will receive $15 PNP store credit.

*Due to the games Mature rating, those under the age of 17 must have a parent or guardian over the age of 17 with you to compete.
**If you show up alone you will be partnered with another combatant at random. The past 2 2v2 tourneys have been won by a team of complete strangers.

If you have any questions about the upcoming tournament, feel free to toss a comment or contact either store for more information.

Thinking of attending? RSVP on Facebook right now!