May is Reprint Season!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna the Golden Country is back in stock at PNP Games for $59.99 CAD ($44~ USD)!

Full reprints of Bayonetta (1) and Hades for Nintendo Switch are now available for $49.99 CAD ($37~ USD) Each at PNP Games!

Classic Electric Playground Episode 10 is Now Available!

EP Classic Season 1, Episode 10 is now available at!

Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door is Available Now!

Life in 2D!
Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door is Here!

$79.99 CAD on Nintendo Switch and Available Now!

Minecraft Turns 15 in 2024!

Minecraft Celebrates it’s 15th Anniversary in 2024!

Save Your Diamonds with the Minecraft #Sale at PNP Games!

Minecraft SWITCH – $14.99 CAD ($11~ USD)
Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate SWITCH/XBOX – $24.99 CAD ($18.25~ USD)
Minecraft Legends Deluxe SWITCH/XBOX – $32.99 CAD ($24~ USD)
…and more!

New Releases Available Now – May 2024

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