Summer Game Fest is On Now!

Summer Game Fest kicks off June 7th!
New video game reveals and titles now available for preorder!

An Alan Wake 2 you can hold.
$109.99 CAD (~$80 USD) on PS5/XSX!

Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition including Expansion Packs
and a copy of Alan Wake Remaster Digital Edition is available for preorder at PNP Games!

We have visions of a release date!

Visions of Mana launches August 29th, 2024 on PS5/XSX
Preorder with FREE Shipping* at PNP Games for $79.99 CAD (~$58.50 USD)

Expand for details!

I give my life – Not for honor, but for you…

I’m still in a dream, preorder Snake Eater.
Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater is $89.99 CAD (~$65 USD) at PNP Games
(Release Date TBA)

Life is Strange: Double Exposure is available for preorder at PNP Games for $64.99 CAD ($47~ USD)!

PS5/XSX – Oct 29th, 2024
SWITCH – Placeholder Dec 31st, 2024

The preorders, Mason!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is available for #preorder at PNP Games!
$89.99 CAD ($65~ USD) PS4/PS5/XBOX* – Released Oct 25th, 2024

Preorder ASTRO BOT for PlayStation 5 now at PNP Games for $79.99 CAD ($58~ USD)
or $80.99 with a bundled Astro Bot Plush!

Ol’ Uncle Shadow is coming to town.

Sonic x Shadow Generations is now available for preorder at PNP Games!
Available on PS5/SWITCH/XBOX for $64.99 CAD ($47~ USD)

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero has a release date – October 11th, 2024!
Preorder on PS5/XSX for $89.99 CAD (~$65 USD) at PNP Games!