Back to Basics Smash 64 Tournament

Join us on June 28th at PNP Games 2609 Portage for a 2 vs 2 Super Smash Bros 64 Extravaganza!

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Round Robin Rules:

  • Matches will be played 2 vs. 2, 3 stock
  • All characters permitted, character swapping between rounds is permitted
  • 1 point per remaining stock at the end of a match
  • 1 BONUS point for having both team members alive at the end of the match (Therefore a max of 7 points are up for grabs to the winning team each round)
  • Rounds 1 through 4 will be spent gathering points
  • The Top 4 Teams (possibly more based on turn out) will battle it out in a single elimination format
  • When two teams remain the final match will fought best 2 out of 3 wins

Additional Rules:

  • Stages will be predetermined and announced in the days leading up to the tournament
  • Items will be OFF


  • Round 1 – Yoshi’s Island
  • Round 2 – Sector Z
  • Round 3 – Saffron City
  • Round 4 – Peach’s Castle
  • Single Elimination Semi-Finals and Finals – Congo Jungle / Hyrule Castle / Dream Land (Each team strikes one stage)
  • Rounds 1-4 must be fought on predetermined stages
  • During semi-finals and finals any stage is playable if both teams agree to play there


  • Registration begins at 11:00am, Tournament kicks off at 12:00pm
  • $10 per person entry fee ($5 for XP Members)

To be determined at the tournament~

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