Dog Days of Smash Tournament

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Sunday, July 26th, 2015
2609 Portage Ave.

11:00am Registration
12:00pm Tournament Start

$10 per individual entry
$5 for XP Members

2v2 Round Robin

Any and all rules below are subjected Tournament Organizer Ruling

  • TO Ruling takes precedence over any rules
  • Amiibo are banned from entry
  • 2 Stock – 6 Minute Time Limit per round
  • Stock Sharing ON
  • Team Attack ON

Items are Off
Custom Moves are allowed
Evo Customs Set List is being used

  • The full list of custom presets can be found here.

Mii Fighters are banned, all others playable (including DLC)
No character combination bans
Players may opt to switch characters after a Stage is chosen

  • Must be decided before the first hit when all players are at 0%


Omegas count as Final Destination

  • Striking Omega will strike FD and vice versa

Miiverse counts as Battlefield

  • Striking Miiverse will strike Battlefield and vice versa

Picking Stages

  • Team with highest priority slot (starting from Red Player Slot, going right) strikes first stage. other team strikes second, priority team strikes two more stages, other team strikes two more stages, priority strikes two more stages, other team picks one of the two remaining stages.

Available Picks

  • Dreamland, Town and City, Duck Hunt, Lylat Cruise, Halberd, Delfino Plaza, Castle Siege, plus Starter Stages (Final Destination/Omegas, Battlefield/Miiverse, Smashville)

Players may choose a stage that is not normally allowed if all players agree to with the following exceptions

  • Choosing Great Cave Offensive, 75m, Temple(Zelda) or Palutena’s Temple will result in a Total Loss (Zero points) for both teams

In the event of a Pause, offending Player/Team who initiated will receive zero points for current match

  • Unless offending player is using the switch character clause above

All controllers are allowed
Players are responsible for desyncing their controller from the station after finishing their match

  • If discovered, failure to desync your controller will result in a Warning
  • 2nd Offense results in a Disqualification Loss for your next match


  • Everyone is guaranteed to fight 4 rounds. At the end of a match you will receive 1 point for each remaining stock you and your team member have and an additional point if both team members are standing at the end of the fight
  • Teams will be reseeded between rounds to ensure teams are facing opponents of similar skill
  • At the end of 4 rounds the top 4 teams move on to the semi-finals which consists of a 2 single elimination matches
  • Top 2 teams then face off in a best of 3 rounds battle to decide the overall winner

Special Amiibo Side-Tournament – Free Entry!

8 Player Free For All

  • 5 minute time limit, most kills wins
  • Player maximum per match subject to change depending on turn out
  • Top 2 Amiibos move on after each fight
  • When 4 Amiibos remain they will fight in a single elimination 1v1 tournament
  • Final 2 Amiibos duke it out 1v1 to decide winner

Store Credit Prize for Winners of the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament.
Secret Prize for Winner of Amiibo Side-Tournament.