Smash is in the Air! II Tournament – Doubles Wii U

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Sunday, February 21st, 2016
160 Meadowood Drive

11:00am Registration
12:00pm Tournament Start

$10 per individual entry ($5 for XP Members)

2v2 Round Robin

Any and all rules below are subjected Tournament Organizer Ruling

  • TO Ruling takes precedence over any rules
  • Amiibo are banned from entry
  • Best 2 of 3 Rounds Sets
  • 3 Stock – 8 Minute Time Limit per round (Doubles)
  • Losers Final, Winners Final and Grand Finals are Best 3 out of 5 Round Set (Time Permitting)

Items are Off
Custom Moves are Off
Team Attack is On

Mii Fighters are banned, all others playable (including DLC)
Winners of the last round must select their character first before the Losers choose
Players may opt to switch characters after a Stage is chosen

  • Must be decided before the first hit when both players are at 0%

Set Procedure and Stages

  • 1.) Character Selection
  • 2.) Stage Strike 1 – 2 – 1
  • 3.) Play Game 1
  • 4.) Winning Player announces single stage ban for the set (1 Stage Ban)
  • 5.) Loser of previous match announces next matches stage
  • 6.) Winner of previous match chooses characters
  • 7.) Loser of previous match chooses characters
  • 8.) Play next Game
  • 9.) Repeat 4.) – 9.) if set goes to a third Game

Omegas count as Final Destination

  • Striking Omega will strike FD and vice versa

Miiverse counts as Battlefield

  • Striking Miiverse will strike Battlefield and vice versa

Starter Stages

  • Final Destination/Omegas, Battlefield/Miiverse, Smashville, Town and City, Lylat Cruise

Counter Picks

  • Dreamland, Duck Hunt, plus Starter Stages (Final Destination/Omegas, Battlefield/Miiverse, Smashville, Town and City, Lylat Cruise)

Players may choose a stage that is not normally allowed if both players agree to with the following exceptions

  • Choosing Great Cave Offensive, 75m, Temple(Zelda) or Palutena’s Temple will result in a Set Loss for both players

In the event of a Pause, offending Player who initiated will receive zero points for current match

  • Unless offending player is using the switch character clause above

All controllers are allowed
Players are responsible for inputs on their controller after finishing their match (In the case of Wii U Pro GamePads).

Prizing TBA