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E3 2019 Press Conference Schedule

E3 2019 is upon us! Here’s when to catch this year’s press conferences: Electronic Arts – No Traditional Conference (Streaming Throughout June 8th – 9th 2019) Microsoft – Sunday, June 9, 3PM CST (Winnipeg), 4PM ET Bethesda – Sunday, June

Featured Items June 7th – 13th, 2019

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E3 2018 Schedule

Saturday, June 9 Electronic Arts: 11 AM PT / 1 PM CST (Local Time) Sunday, June 10 Microsoft: 1 PM PT / 3PM CST (Local Time) Bethesda: 6:30 PM PT / 8:30 PM CST (Local Time) Devolver Digital: 8 PM

E3 2017 Schedule

Saturday, June 10 EA: 12 pm PDT / 8 pm BST on Saturday, June 10 Sunday, June 11 Microsoft: 2 pm PT / 4 pm CST (Local Time) Bethesda: 9 pm PT / 11pm CST (Local Time) Monday, June 12

PNP Games at E3 2015

PNP Games will be at E3 2015! You can RSVP here to get daily updates from the show floor and first hand impressions of games and products. Please comment with any questions or requests you may have, we’d love to

PNP Games PrE3order Promotion

E3 2012 – Walking the Show Floor

If our coverage of E3 over the past week wasn’t enough for you, we’ve got a quick video walkthrough shot during out trip with highlights from the various booths and more!

Pre-E3 News Link Roundup (Day 4)

This is it! We've been counting down the days and the gaming event of the year is finally at hand. One last day of news before our gang hits the show floor so let's get to it.

PNP Games E3 2012 Preview Podcast

Rounding out this week of huge reveals and news, PNP Games’ Lee and Mike take one last run through what to expect from the show as well as many of the big announcements that have already been made leading up

Pre-E3 News Link Roundup (Day 3)

With Konami’s announcements last night on Spike, we’ve got another handful of juicy news heading into the weekend including a huge new game from EA that we mentioned earlier this week which is now confirmed to appear at the show